09 April 2018

Organizing Committee


Members of the NorwegianX-RAY Conference organizing committee:



Torkild Eivindson

Research Scientist, Glencore Nikkelverk (Analytical chemistry, Nuclear chemistry)


Vice President

Elke Thisted

Senior Process Engineer, Glencore Nikkelverk (Analytical Chemistry, Process industry, Business systems)


Board Members

Lorentz Petter Lossius

Principle Engineer, Hydro Aluminium (Process stream characterization, Production support, International standardization)


Alf Yngve Guldhav

R&D Engineer at Elkem Technology (XRF, Mass Spectrometry, Gas analysis)


Hege Indresand

Senior Researcher at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre (Environmental monitoring, Analytical chemistry, atmospheric dust)


Vijitha Gengartharan

R&D Engineer at Elkem Technology (XRF, TOS, Spark-OES, ICP, Round-robin testing)


Susanne Kaun

Conservator and researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (HH-XRF)



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