Norwegian X-ray conference 2018:

20 March 2018

Registration is now open!

Please register for the conference before May 15 2018 so we can secure hotel spots for everyone.

Board meeting
29 November 2017

Roadmap to the 2018 conference

The Norwegian Chemical Society, Division of Analytical Sciences arranges a biannual Norwegian X-RAY Conference at Strand Hotel Fevik, in beautiful Southern Norway. 

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Professor Helmer Fjellvåg
Professor Helmer Fjellvåg

Center for Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo

Maggie Loubser
Maggie Loubser

GeoMag GeoChem, South Africa

Dr. John Cooper
Dr. John Cooper

Chief Scientist, Sunset CES Inc. (SCI) in Beaverton, Oregon, USA

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